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September 2, 2021                                                              9:00 am


The Bourbon County Commission met in open session for a 2022 budget session, all three Commissioners and the Deputy County Clerk were present.

Susan Bancroft was also present.

Due to COVID precautions, the meeting was closed to the public, but broadcast on YouTube.

Susan presented the Commissioners with a revised 2022 budget. She said that there is $256,000.00 more requested. Ambulance will be discussed at the next meeting because Shane is wanting to do some updates to move them from iPads to computers so they can use GIS and CAD systems.

Susan stated the main budget increases that were made this year were: Treasurers for publication costs; Register of Deeds for part time help; Courthouse General for increased insurance costs; District Court for legal defense; IT for shared services due to a part time person moving to full time and being shared with the city, but that will be reimbursed back by the city; Conservation requested an additional $3,800.00 in funding; Road and Bridge so they will be fully staffed and additional $50,000.00 for material on the roads; Special Bridge asked for an additional $40,000.00 for material; Public Safety increase due to wages and supplies and for the Jail Sales Tax we moved capital outlay from public safety over to jail sales tax from the Sheriffs funds; everyone is budgeted to get a 3% raise except for elected officials.

Susan stated she did include in the budget document a 10-year recap for each department as well. Sheriffs’ department tab includes a trend report that was requested to see what has been happening in that department. Major changes are from the time when the jail was built, commodities and contractual both stayed about the same but there was definitely a shift in personnel services. She said that contractual for Corrections has gone up in 2020 due to the food services industry and having a lot of inmates; depending on how many inmates there are will determine that cost.

Susan said that Road and Bridge section has their 10-year capital improvement plan and equipment replacement plan for reference.

ARPA funding is included behind the APRA budget so in case there were any questions you could refer to that tab and it will show what the ARPA funding can be spent on. Jim asked if there was another year to spend the ARPA money or if it had to be spent this year. Susan stated that the County actually has a couple of years to spend the money, it does not have to be spent this year.

Susan stated there is a debt service schedule included through 2035 that show when debt will fall off to help with decision making in the future when things come up. Jim stated there are several things coming off the schedule next year including the Landfill backhoe. Lynne stated that the jail pods on page 5 shows them coming out of fund 220 and that is not correct. Susan said that should be fund 370 and she will correct it. Lynne said that the lease payments for road and bridge are down tremendously from 7 years ago. Jim stated that several things were bought with cash and Lynne said several things were paid off when we had the cash too.

Susan said that what she needs permission for publishing page 28 and 29 the Notice of Budget Hearing to let the public know that September 14th at 9:20 is when the budget hearing will be. The cemetery board will have to have their own RNR hearings but those have been scheduled at the Courthouse on the same day 5 minutes apart and there are 4 of them that need to have those hearing and hopefully Kendell can get ahold of them to let them know that they need to be present.  It was recommended by the State that those boards approve their own budgets. Fire District #3 is under the County and is under the revenue neutral rate. Susan asked for permission to publish the 2 pages in the newspaper if they are comfortable with the numbers.

Susan stated that the mill levy last year was 64.931 and this year it will be 62.5 mills, the revenue neutral rate was 62.130 mills. Lynne said that when you look at the houses sold and the appraised values going up and the new businesses it is phenomenal that we are at this point. Susan said that she looked at the school district, FSCC and the County compared to the City and all of their assessed values are trending up and the City’s is trending flat. We are seeing things grow in the County.

Lynne said that hopefully in Susan’s future we will see a packing plant but that is a 10-year plan. Susan said that she needs to get with the County Commissioners because there have been requests for improvements to the industrial park for the packing plant and we may need a partnership. The City may request to use some of the County ARPA funding in addition to the City’s, because the request is about $500,000.00 to get water and sewer to that plant. Lynne said that there would be a discussion in the future about this.

Lynne asked if EMS is part of what can be funded by ARPA and if any had been used this year. Susan said yes it can be used for EMS and they have not used any this year, but are requesting $26,000.00 to improve their equipment. Lynne said he was thinking a little bit bigger request such as for a new ambulance. Susan said she would want to get an opinion from the State on that.

Jim asked if the request was a must before they could start building the packing plant and felt it was late for a request to be made. Susan said that the request just came in. Susan said that the City will not get any kind of a tax benefit from the plant and that is why the City wants to ask the County for part of funding. She said that would be a valid use of ARPA funding. Lynne said that all the requests are valid and the funding is needed so we will have to set our priorities. Susan said the plant will be creating jobs. Clifton stated that we have to sustain an emergency room and that should be our main priority. The other commissioners agreed that healthcare should be the main priority. Susan recommended another joint City/County commission work session to talk through ARPA funding and make sure that we are accomplishing all of our goals because she knows the City is going to be asked also for healthcare as well. Lynne thinks that is a good idea.

Jim made a motion to allow Susan to publish the notice of budget as these numbers are given to us; Clifton seconded; all approved.

Susan gave an update on the audit stating that Terry will have a copy to the County next week to review. Jim asked what the purpose of a draft is. Susan said because it is the county’s financial statement as well as the audit and since he had to make so many adjustments that he wants to make sure there are no errors before the final draft is published. Susan said that he will be meeting with each commissioner individually this year. Jim asked if it was normal for him to meet individually with each commissioner and Susan responded that it is not the normal process. Lynne stated that this a new concept. Jim said he has not been through this process so he has to ask questions. Lynne said he understands the process is going to be different this year than it has in the past.

At 9:17 am, Clifton made a motion to adjourn; Jim seconded; all approved.



(ss) Lynne Oharah, Chairman

(ss) Jim Harris, Commissioner

(ss) Clifton Beth, Commissioner


Kendell Mason, Bourbon County Clerk

September 7, 2021, Approved Date