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October 22, 2020                                                      3:00 pm


The Bourbon County Commissioners met for a special meeting to discuss property and work comp. insurance quotes; present by telephone were the Commissioners and Kendell Mason.


Kendell Mason told the Commissioners that there were two local companies that wanted to quote the County property and work comp. insurance; the County did not ask for quotes.  Those companies were provided some of the needed information to quote the insurance and our current companies were notified of the possibility of a non-renewal, KCAMP (the property insurance carrier) didn’t feel they were given enough time to quote the insurance, so the Commissioners called a special meeting to decide if they were going to entertain quotes for the 2021 year.  Both Lynne and Jeff said the County had not asked for quotes or to put the insurance out for bid.  Lynne said he wasn’t opposed to putting the insurance out for bid in the future.  Jeff stated that we were insured through a Kansas multi-pool line which offers not only insurance but also training and is very responsive when it comes to paying claims; he said the County has had some large claims.  Jeff said the Commissioners investigated switching health insurance carriers a few years ago and was told by a local insurance representative (Don Doherty) that the County was in a good insurance pool and said another company may offer a better beginning rate, but said that rate may not always be that good.  Lynne said we are in the midst of a pandemic and said we needed to pay attention to our liability.  The City of Fort Scott recently changed insurance carriers; Lynne said perhaps someone should talk to our current carrier and see if the County could get a better deal.  Jeff made a motion to stay with our current carriers (KWORCC & KCAMP) and to discuss the possibility of accepting bids next year, Clifton seconded and all approved.


The meeting adjourned at 3:08 pm.




(ss) Lynne Oharah, CHAIRMAN

(ss) Jeff Fischer, COMMISSIONER

(ss) Clifton Beth, COMMISSIONER


Kendell Mason, Bourbon County Clerk

November 10, 2020, Approved Date