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May 19, 2020 Tuesday 9:00 am

The Bourbon County Commission met in open session on the front East steps of the Courthouse, the Commissioners, Kendell Mason and Justin Meeks were all present.

Tammy Helm with the Fort Scott Tribune, Nancy Van Etten, Jeremiah Hill, Mary Pemberton and Mark McCoy were all present for a portion of the meeting.

Jerad Heckman with Road & Bridge met with the Commissioners; he said they are ditching at 215th & Hackberry, crushing rock, pouring concrete at the Landfill at the crossing area, he said they have been mowing the grass near the blacktop areas and are almost done, they are fixing an entrance at a cemetery located at 65th & Yale, patching at 250th & Eagle (going South), side trimming and dragging roads around the County, patching on Yale and in Marco Estates. He said they had run out of rock, but now has a stockpile built up and are making more. They have chips produced and are ready to make asphalt.

Lynne reported a culvert plugged at 1651 165th and reported that an area near the top of a hill at 115th & Range needed gravel.

Jeff asked Jerad if they were working additional hours at the rock quarry to crush rock when the weather cooperated; Jerad said they were told not to have any overtime, so they hadn’t, but would if the Commissioners wanted them to; Lynne suggested waiting to decide this until we received the 2019 audit.

Jeff Fischer discussed a Fort Scott Lake advisory board meeting he had attended; a relief road was discussed (should the airport expand), a sewer board, a drainage issue near Hackberry on the East side of the Lake (Jerad Heckman said they would review this), at the meeting they also discussed reduced homeowners insurance rates for residents near the Lake if an additional fire station was built in the area (Lynne said fire district boundaries might have to be considered if a fire station was built there), they also discussed issues with the road near the park area. The board wants more transparency and wants a sewer district board re-established.

Justin Meeks asked the Commissioners for permission to allow him to write a draft document to allow a vacant lot at the Fort Scott Lake to be connected to the sewer district there; Justin said there is a $4,000 fee to connect. Jeff made a motion to allow Justin to write the memo of understanding and that Lynne be allowed to sign the memo of understanding allowing any connection of only lake property (that do not have a grinder pump) to the sewer district, Nick seconded and all approved.

Jim Harris requested that Justin write a waiver of liability to allow for the County to go on someone’s property on Range Road with a beaver issue; Nick made a motion that Justin write this and that Lynne has permission to sign the document, Jeff seconded and all approved.

Justin said he had met with Susan at the City of Fort Scott to discuss an interlocal agreement between the City and the County for paving, rock and the EMS services. He said they should have an Interlocal agreement soon.

Kendell Mason previously requested that Justin Meeks review a HAVA COVID-19 grant document; the grant could reimburse the County up to $13,746.36 for election related expenses due to COVID-19. Justin said he reviewed the document.

Justin briefly discussed the Mercy Hospital building; he said he had a meeting with Mercy about them turning the building over to the County, he said he thought CHC had gotten the initial approval to do the needed upgrades to the building. Justin said the hospital mall budget looked good, but said there is a subsidy there for financial help. He said the 2020 EMS revenues were down from what was budgeted.

Jess with KWORCC briefly met with the Commissioners, due to the COVID-19 situation, he brought hand sanitizer and masks. He said he would be offering a defensive driving class as well as fork lift training.

The Courthouse is currently closed due to COVID-19, the Commissioners briefly discussed the plans for when to possibly reopen; Lynne said they will follow the Governors guidelines for reopening, it is difficult to follow the social distancing guidelines for some of the offices, especially District Court.

The Commissioners agreed that if an employee was showing symptoms of COVID-19 they should contact the Public Health Department and follow their recommended guidelines regarding self quarantining or returning to work.

Bourbon County Appraiser Clint Anderson met with the Commissioners; he said Value Merchandiser had appealed their valuation and it had passed the first level of the appeal process, he asked permission to seek a reappraisal of their property (to have as a basis for the next level), all of the Commissioners recommending pursuing a reappraisal, (Clint estimated the reappraisal to cost $5,000).

Clint said he was working on the certification process to certify values to the County Clerk; once he certifies the values, the Clerk will complete an abstract to provide estimated valuations to the taxing entities.

Jeff questioned Clint if he did surveys on rent and expenses; Clint said he would be starting to do the surveys.

Emergency Manager William Wallis met with the Commissioners; Lynne made a motion to adopt Resolution 18-20, a COVID 19 public health emergency resolution, (declaring a local public health emergency in Bourbon County resulting in potential or occurring pandemic known as Covid 19) this declaration will last 60 days unless terminated earlier, Jeff seconded and all approved and signed the resolution.

Jeff made a motion to go into a 7 minute executive session for personnel matters of individual non-elected personnel, Nick seconded and all approved, (the session included the Commissioners, Justin Meeks and Treasurer Patty Love). After the session, the Commissioners said they gave Patty permission to rehire for a vacancy in her office with the understanding that there could be an across the board budget cut of 15%.

Nick made a motion to go into a 5 minute executive session for personnel matters of individual non-elected personnel, Lynne seconded and all approved, (the session included the Commissioners, Justin Meeks and Kendell Mason). No action was taken.

Nick made a motion to go into a 5 minute executive session for matters relating to the security of a public body or agency, public building or facility or the information system of a public body or agency, if the discussion of such matters at an open meeting would jeopardize the security of such public body, agency, building, facility or information system, Jeff seconded and all approved, (the session included the Commissioners and Justin Meeks). No action was taken.

Lynne made a motion that he be able to work with William Wallis regarding a COVID-19 grant, Nick seconded and all approved.

The May 26, 2020 Commission meeting will be held on the East porch from 9-12.

At 10:51, Nick made a motion to adjourn, Jeff seconded and all approved.

(ss) Lynne Oharah, Chairman
(ss) Jeff Fischer, Commissioner
(ss) Nick Ruhl, Commissioner
Kendell Mason, Bourbon County Clerk
May 26, 2020, Approved Date