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Enhancing Quality of Life

Healthy Bourbon County Action Team

The Healthy Bourbon County Action Team was created to coordinate community efforts and improve upon the health outcomes of Bourbon County. The Action Team consists of a cross sector of members with a shared vision to improve the quality of life of Bourbon County residents, foster economic growth, and remove barriers to living healthy lifestyles.

With resources from the BCBS KS Pathways to Healthy Kansas Grant, we engage key stakeholders in areas of our community where members spend most of their time-where they eat, work & play. We have implemented positive change and have seen outcomes through community policy, community well-being, food retail, health care, restaurants, schools and worksites. The focus of physical activity, healthy eating, and tobacco cessation directly affects outcomes of our identified community needs: Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease & Lung Disease.

Our vision:

Through policy and environmental change, we aim to:

  • Increase awareness and community engagement in leading healthy lifestyles
  • Make the healthy choice the default choice through cross sectors of our community
  • Increase access and reduce barriers to healthy foods
  • Increase access and reduce barriers to physical activity
  • Support tobacco free living
  • Improve the quality of life & encourage economic development

Strategic Plan


Survey Results Guide Action to Enhance Quality of Life

Thank you to community members for taking the community perception survey. Your invaluable feedback guided us throughout the years of the Pathways to a Healthy Kansas project, an initiative of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas.

Watch a short video on our work!


Some examples of our work and success include:

  • An assessment of county wide trails systems, City of Fort Scott sidewalks and bikability, and unique plan for Uniontown.
  • The City of Fort Scott formally adopted a master non-motorized transportation plan, referred to as the PedNet Plan.
  • The City of Uniontown created and adopted a pedestrian plan to keep their school-aged youth safe when walking to and from school, the Uniontown PedNet Plan.
  • A Tri-County alternative transportation plan and committee made up of Allen, Bourbon and Crawford Counties.
  • Acquisition of land for additional trails at Gunn Park.
  • New walking trail lighting at Riverfront Park Trails and Fort Scott Community College Trails
  • Wayfinding Signs and Kiosks built and erected at local trail heads.
  • Bike racks made and installed locally throughout the community.
  • Bike Share Program implemented and in full swing, managed by the Fort Scott Area chamber of Commerce.
  • Our healthcare provider created a new service line, Diabetes Prevention Program, piloted with Peerless Products, Inc.
  •  WIC relocated once a month so pregnant mothers do not have to choose between applying for WIC or receiving prenatal care due to limited time off work or transportation issues.
  • Collaboration of healthcare providers with USD 234 to create a new service, The Children Wellness Clinic, to combat childhood obesity. This is now an undertaking of CHCSEK.
  • Developed Bourbon County’s first Wholesale Food Directory of locally produced buyers and suppliers.
  • We were able to engage 5 food retail establishments and 9 restaurants within our community who are now promoting and providing locally produced foods within their businesses.
  • We now have certified tobacco cessation specialists not only in our community, but in the region as a direct result of our work. Giving doctors, counselors, worksites, or anyone a place to refer those who are seeking help to quit tobacco.
  • School aged youth and teens in two school districts now have healthier environments with water bottle filling stations, new playground equipment and gym enhancements in both Uniontown and Fort Scott School Districts.
  • Worksites have implemented Workwell KS policy and environmental changes: City of Fort Scott, Fort Scott Community College, Peerless Products Inc, Landmark National Bank, USD 234, USD 235, and Bourbon County. They have implemented health worksite wellness policy and supportive environmental changes like tobacco free work places, access to workout equipment, standing desks, walking breaks, and more.

Committee Members:

  • Jody Hoener (Coordinator), Bourbon County Economic Development Director
  • Alysia Johnston, Fort Scott Community College President
  • Lindsay Madison, Fort Scott Area Chamber of Commerce President
  • Sally Johnson, City of Uniontown Clerk, USD 235 Board
  • Craig Campbell, Mercy Pharmacy System Performance Director
  • Joy Miller. KState Family and Consumer Science Extension Agent
  • Kathy McEwan, KState Extension Agent
  • David Lipe, Sharky’s Pub and Grub/Luther’s BBQ Owner
  • Rhonda Hoener, USD 235 Teacher
  • Dr. Randy Nichols, City of Fort Scott Commissioner
  • Alice Maffet, Southeast Kansas Multi County Health Department Nurse
  • Sherise Beckham, CHCSEK Dietician
  • Christi Keating, CHCSEK Special Programs Director
  • Regina Casner, Up Dog Yoga Instructor/Owner
  • Gina Shelton, USD 234 Business Manager/Board Clerk
  • Lori Nelsen, USD 234 Teacher
  • Stacy Sauerwein, USD 234 Teacher