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Bourbon County GIS 

Shane Walker
GIS Director
210 S National Ave
Office 12
Fort Scott, KS 66701
620-223-3800 x127
[email protected] 

Online Map of Bourbon County Kansas

What is GIS?

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a set of tools for the collection and maintenance of databases and their spatial position. These tools are capable of creating maps and figures to display a multitude of data and the geographic position of that data within a particular area. Point, line, and polygon features are represented with associated attributes as layers within GIS. These layers can then be visually manipulated to draw illustrative and statistical conclusions. GIS can create maps for landowners, geographically represent sales data, illustrate and manage parcel boundaries, and calculate statistics as it relates to the geographic scope of a project. But the true scope of GIS is only limited by the needs and purposes of the user or requestor.

GIS Department Responsibilities

The GIS Department is responsible for the daily operations of the County Geographic Information System (GIS) and providing technical assistance to the County, Cities, and Towns utilizing the system.

Bourbon County GIS geospatial data is considered a strategic asset for directly benefiting county office decision-making abilities, helping county and city government operate more efficiently, promoting economic development, and for delivering spatial data and services with greater speed and accuracy