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December 31, 2019 Tuesday 10:00 am

The Bourbon County Commission met in open session only to have a 2019 budget hearing amendment. The County Commissioners, the County Counselor and the County Clerk were all present.

Register of Deeds Lora Holdridge and Michael Hoyt were also present.

Lora Holdridge questioned if the Commissioners were going to talk about Resolution 28-19; Lynne said the meeting was only to discuss the 2019 budget amendment. Lora asked why the Commissioners weren’t having a regularly scheduled Commission meeting; the Commissioners didn’t anticipate Nick being at the budget hearing and opted to not have a regular Commission meeting, but had to schedule a special meeting in order to have the 2019 budget amendment hearing.

At 10:30, Jeff made a motion to approve amending the 2019 budget, (Road & Bridge original adopted expenditures budget was 2,068,944 the amended amount is 2,190,843, Noxious Weed adopted expenditures 2019 budget was 149,945 the amended amount is 165,500, Public Safety adopted expenditures budget was 1,724,847 the amended amount is 1,791,405, Road & Bridge Sales Tax adopted expenditures 2019 budget was 1,160,522 the amended amount is 1,246,484, Emergency Management Grant adopted 2019 expenditures was 17,500 the amended amount is 40,000, the Ambulance adopted 2019 expenditures was 1,020,000 the amended amount is 1,180,000). Nick seconded and all approved and signed the 2019 budget amendment.

At 10:31, Nick made a motion to adjourn, Jeff seconded and all approved.

(ss) Lynne Oharah, Chairman
(ss) Jeff Fischer, Commissioner
(ss) Nick Ruhl, Commissioner
Kendell Mason, Bourbon County Clerk
January 7, 2020, Approved Date