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The titles and duties of county offices may vary from state to state.  Ever wonder what a particular office does in the county?  Here’s a brief summary.  There’s no way to fit every job we do in, but here are the basics.


County Commissioners

  • The chief elected officials of the county.  They set policy and procedures for the running of the courthouse and set the budgets for all taxing entities of the county.

County Clerk

  • Chief election officer of the county who maintains voter registration and conducts all elections in the county.  Also sets the tax roll and keeps records for the county as Freedom of Information Officer.  You may purchase a hunting and fishing license here or online.  You will need Adobe Acrobat to access some forms.

County Treasurer

  • Collects and distributes all real and personal property taxes.  Chief Financial Officer for the county who keeps and invests all county funds.

Register of Deeds

  • Keeps and records all deeds to property located in the county.  Maintains military discharge records and school records as well.

County Appraiser

  • Assesses all property, real and personal, in the county.  Sets valuation of property to aide in the tax process.  Also maintains and assigns all 911 addresses for the county.

Vehicle Office

  • A branch of the Treasurer’s Office, all vehicle registration Vehicle Registration is handled here.

County Attorney

  • Prosecuting Attorney for the county.  Also handles the legal needs of the county as County Counselor.


  • Chief law enforcement officer of the county.


  • The Southeast Kansas Regional Correctional Center is located at the north end of the Courthouse.  It houses local and out-of-county prisoners.

District Court

  • All court proceedings are held in one of the two courtrooms.  Marriage licenses are purchased here.  Probation officers are also here.  You may also research marriage and divorce records here. Click here for the 6th Judicial District website.

Public Works

  • Though the county barn is located approximately three miles north of the courthouse, the Public Works Office, located in the courthouse, purchase maps of the county, arrange for chemical spraying for noxious weeds or buy a culvert.  This department maintains all county roads.

Information Technology/Geographic Information Systems

  • The Bourbon County IT Department handles all technology and computer related tasks in the day to day operations of the various information systems used by Bourbon County. The GIS department handles all aspects of digital mapping, including tax, boundaries, public safety and any other cartographic projects.

Emergency Management

  • The Bourbon County Emergency Management Department handles coordination between EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement during times of disaster.